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Bicentennial Worship Service at Streetsboro’s Historic Methodist Church- located at:
Hale Farm & Village Meetinghouse in Bath, OH – (originally stood at Streetsboro Public Square)


The original Baptist church was built in 1852 with hand-hewed timbers cut locally, with foundation stone quarried at Twinsburg. It was hauled by ox teams to the site which stood at the center of town on the SW corner of the square.

The Baptist congregation presented the building to the Methodists as the Baptist congregation discontinued services.

The Methodists, remodeled, dug out a three-room basement and rededicated the church on Sunday, September 10, 1899. At this time, it also served the Presbyterians and Methodists as they held Sunday school services on alternate Sundays. 1920, an agreement was reached that the Presbyterians would merge with the Methodists and become one Streetsboro Methodist Church.

An addition to the church basement was built in 1954 and on May 12, 1956, a tornado completely destroyed the graceful spire of the church and it was the decision of the congregation not to rebuild it.

In 1959, the congregation voted to purchase a tract of land on SR. 43, one-quarter mile south of the square, a building fund began and it was decided to relocate  to a new church on the new property at a future date. The new church was completed in 1965.

In 1973, the old Western Reserve style church, was moved 28 miles in two sections to the Hale Farm & Village Homestead in Bath, Ohio. The church, is now known as The Mary Ann Sears Swetland Memorial Meetinghouse.


Bicentennial Worship Service will take place at 10am (Doors at 9:30am) on Sunday Aug. 28, 2022 at Hale Farm & Village Meetinghouse 8940 Oak Hill Road, Bath, Ohio.


Limited Admission Passes available at:
The Streetsboro Methodist Church (8940 State Route 43)
Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 9am - 12pm


Free Parking at Hale Farm on the east side lawn at the  Carriage Pavilion.
For more information, contact Jackie Searfoss 330.422.1105

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