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Streetsboro’s 150th year

10-day observance – 1972's Sesquicentennial

STREETSBORO - Planning for the Streetsboro Sesquicentennial celebration was a lot like the history of the city itself – it got off to a belated start, and really got rolling. The results of the Summer-long preparation was a 10-day community festival that began Friday, September 15 and ended on Sunday, September 24, 1972.


The project was first considered by local Jaycees at the suggestion of a city councilman, but Jaycees decided the job was too much for one club to handle. Each of the community’s civil organizations are invited to send a representative to a larger Sesquicentennial committee.

“We started late and we have to make a lot of decisions in a hurry,” said committee president Fred Waage. “We held our first meeting May 11th and we formed subcommittees to organize the different aspects of the program.”


The 30-member committee began by contacting those who had taken part in a recent Sesquicentennial celebration at Solon, Mayfield Heights and Twinsburg. Ideas were gladly borrowed.


Although much of the program will resemble the typical Sesquicentennial celebration, the Streetsboro committee added a few twists of its own.


One unique feature according to Waage, is a muzzle loading rifle shoot to be staged by the Charcoal Burners Club of Parma at 11AM this Sunday.


“The Charcoal Burner shoot, dress and live in the early 18 century time period,” said Waage.

He estimates 100 to 150 Charcoal Burners from a 1–600-mile radius will camp on the City property during the weekend to take part in the shoot. This Saturday and next weekend the Streetsboro Plaza shopping center will be patrolled by Lions Club members garbed as Keystone Cops.

They’ll “arrest” anyone who isn’t dressed in an old fashion costume, as well as men without beards and women who are wearing cosmetics. Violators will be brought before a Kangaroo court and socked with fines up to $.25, Wage warns.

Those who don’t wish to conform to the old-time dress standards may escape punishment by purchasing a Sesquicentennial membership card for $1. Those displaying the card will not be accosted by the Keystone Cops, assures Waage.


Instead of the traditional beauty contest, the Junior Mothers club will hold a Ms. Streetsboro competition open to women of the community. Girls under 18 may enter too, by writing a 250-word essay describing the person who best represents their ideal of womanhood.


The winner of the Ms. Streetsboro contest will be announced at 7:50 PM Friday at the high school stadium prior to the football game.

For the men, there is a beard growing contest to be judged in three categories, longest, most unusual and most original. Contest chairman Harry Harvey said there are 25 entries so far with many others growing beards even though they haven’t joined the competition.


The winner of the beard contest will be announced at 1PM at the Sunday at the community picnic at city Park.


Other highlights of the Sesquicentennial celebration include:

  • A parade 5:30 PM Friday from the high school to Wise elementary school. Anyone may enter a vehicle in one of the five categories in the competition for trophies. The parade theme is Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

  • Serving of a 3000-piece birthday cake at 7:45 PM Saturday at the plaza, before the Welcome Wagon Square dance begins.

  • A water fight among Streetsboro, Hudson and Aurora fire departments scheduled for 3 PM Saturday, September 22 at the plaza.

And just like that, Streetsboro concludes 150 years of it's history, and doubtless the story of 1972 will be retold 50 years from now at the Bicentennial Celebration in 2022.

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